Ceramic Tumbler Set of 6


Handthrown tumbler set of 6

Imagine Peace Pottery

"This stoneware tumbler set was created at DSM Pottery. While these tumblers are thrown very similar there are slight variations in shape and glaze flow. The tumblers stand approximately 5.25 inches tall and are 2.25 inches in diameter at the opening. These tumblers hold approximately 6 -7 ounces comfortably. The body of these vessels is smaller at the base with straight walls which expand slightly to the rim. These tumblers have flat bottoms without glaze. The glaze is a glossy gray / blue with beautiful glaze flow over the body. These would be a great addition to any functional ceramic collection. A perfect gift to yourself or a friend, that would make a good start to a ceramic dinnerware set. This set is signed, dated, and numbered. This set was bisque at cone 04 (1922 degrees F) and glaze fired to cone 5 (2185 degrees F). This set is food, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. I hope you enjoy using these tumblers as much as I did throwing them! As always ~IMAGINE PEACE~ - WJM"

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